Weekly Menu Plan

New year, new weekly menu plan. December was really tough on the fauxfoodie household weekly menu. We did a lot of take outs, a lot of “whatevers” a lot of eating out, a lot of snacking and a lot of cookies for dinner. To say I was thrilled to actually have a plan with some veggies and protein would be an understatement!!!! I was exhilarated! πŸ™‚ So much that I planned for one too many dinners. What can I say, I was excited!

MONDAY: Halibut with avocado and pineapple salsa on bed of arugula

TUESDAY: Smoked paprika pork tenderloin

WEDNESDAY: Curried chicken with peas

THURSDAY: Easy chickpea curry

FRIDAY: Mediterranean vegetables, white bean, feta and penne pasta

 Q: Do you meal plan? How do you get back on track to eating healthy?

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