Weekly Menu Plan and Frugal February Update

Life lately has been a bit hectic, a bit busy, a bit stressful, but having the weekly menu planned makes it all easier. Yes, I think about food all the time and if my meals are planned out, I can get through a day, or better yet through the week. Preparation is half the battle!
SUNDAY: Turkey Sausage and rice stuffed peppers

MONDAY:  Spinach + feta + mushroom quiche

TUESDAY: Superfood salad with lemon vinaigrette

WEDNESDAY: Work thing

THURSDAY: Work thing

FRIDAY: Leftovers

SATURDAY: Date night

I am not sure what has happened to my calendar, but it has practically exploded this month. I don’t even know where to start with it. But the good thing is, it’s a short month, all will get done, it always does, and I would rather be busy than bored. I just hope I keep some sanity in a mean time.

Are you wondering how I am doing with the whole Frugal February? Excellent! I slipped only once! Can you believe that – only ONCE!!!!! I bought a lamp shade for my newly renovated home-office – I just had to. I reached for many, many things but each time I thought about it,  stepped back and walked away. Of course that doesn’t mean I wasn’t adding some of these items to my every growing amazon wish list, but at least I am thinking twice as I swipe the credit card. 
I’ve also been purging, cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing. I am afraid there is not going to be much left once I am done, but it feels so freeing and satisfying. There is something so relaxing about organizing! and no mindless spending:) 
So how about you? How is your Frugal February coming along?


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