Weekly Menu Plan

Last week was a very hectic with me being gone for almost a week. I haven’t traveled since last October and a lot has changed since than. Kiki is much more aware of my absence and I have harder time leaving her and of course with that I have more guilt. 
She is eating “real” food now which means when meal planning I also like to plan her meals. When meal planning for the chef and me I am trying to figure out whether she can eat what we are having – did she get enough servings of veggies, did she get enough protein, making sure meals don’t have nuts, eggs, etc.   Does she get enough of variety of foods? So much to think about…but I know it’s all good for her. 
I do have to admit that I love that her favorite foods seem to be cheese, roasted pepper hummus and pita bread πŸ™‚ Can you tell she is my child? What is interesting, she does not like bananas! Have you met a kid who doesn’t like bananas!?! Crazy, I know. The best thing about her eating food that we eat besides getting all the nutrients and developing her palette, is that I make much better choices now. I don’t want her to see me eating junk, so when I need a snack I go for a healthy choice, usually fruit so I can share it with her. And she loves it!

Sunday: Chicken Milanese

Monday: Black bean burgers with sweet potato fries

Tuesday: Shrimp + penne with spring herb pesto

Wednesday: Broccoli rabe pesto + whole wheat pasta + turkey sausage

Thursday: travel, travel, travel

Friday: travel, travel, travel

Q: What’s on your menu for this week? If you have babies, how do you incorporate their meals into yours without cooking everything separately? 

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