Weekly Menu Plan

I am exhausted from the weekend, hence I am late posting our weekly menu. Though I am late posting it, I did plan it all on Friday and the groceries were bought on Sunday morning. This week is also challenging as there is some travel and work dinners, but I planned for it all. So hang on, it might be a bumpy ride this week. I planned for some really quick, healthy and delicious meals – 30 min max – I know you’ll like it!
SUNDAY: Cheese – hummus – ice cream – [told you it’s all about quick and delicious, not sure about healthy – but the chef didn’t feel like cooking]MONDAY: Wheat spaghetti with spinach, feta and poached eggTUESDAY: Baked tilapia and wild and brown rice saladWEDNESDAY: Thai shrimp stir fry [or grilled chicken and pasta with white bean and broccoli pest – yup, it never happened last week]THURSDAY: Business DinnerFRIDAY: Mushroom and prosciutto pizza
Q: What are you making this week? Share your favorite recipe!!!!

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