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Every weekend, I pour through Pinterest, my favorite food blogs, cookbooks and online recipe searches for meal planning ideas. 

Lately, though I have made one, I haven’t been the best about following the weekly menu plan. Things come up that prevent me from having the time to make a certain meal on a busy night or the scheduled meal just doesn’t sound good. I think we maybe ate two or three of the planned meals in the last few weeks. Some days are just “on the fly” days. Some nights, nothing planned sounds good or I just don’t feel like cooking. So to get out of the meal planning rut, I made the weekly menu but I did not “assign” the specific night to a specific meal.  I am kind of letting it be…so here’s what we will be eating this week.

— Slow cooker cashew chicken —
–Spanish omelet with potatoes and chorizo
–Slow cooker sesame beef —
–Pasta with turkey and broccoli —
— Guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches —
–Italian chicken skillet —

As of tonight, this has been the most successful meal planning week. We have had four out of six meals. 

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  • Cherin B
    August 29, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Maybe that is what I need to do; let it fly, a little more. I have been trying to do more meal planning and have been having a really hard time lately. Maybe if I free myself to pick an option from my "menu" then I will do better.

    Good luck this next week.


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