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Phew! What a weekend! As always too short….I must say I hate the whole shared custody. I know it’s necessary evil in the unfortunate life I didn’t ask for, but I am not a fan and I wish I didn’t have to share her with anyone. I want my little lady with me ALL the time. So when she is with me, I make sure we are having a time of our lives, and every moment is more memorable than the last. I want every minute to count, every minute to be special. And as long as I see her smiling and laughing and hugging me tightly, I know we are living in the moment and making the most of the time we have together.

The highlight of our time together this weekend was food shopping, cooking and sharing a delightful meal – what can I say, but I am creating a little foodie monster, and proud of it 🙂 While we were enjoying our morning “kava” (latte for me and milk for her), I quickly made a weekly menu with 4th of July in mind and some other events happening this week. I am happy to say no travel on my schedule for awhile – hip, hip, hurray – so the weekly menu is definitely back in rotation!

So here is what we will be enjoying this week:

SUNDAY: lentil + barely + chicken sausage with tomatoes (Thank you Noemi for this amazing recipe…details coming tomorrow)

MONDAY: Chicken pita pockets

TUESDAY: Avocado and cannellini beans mash panini

WEDNESDAY: Chicken parmesan meatballs + mashed potatoes (we never got around to making it last week)

THURSDAY: 4th of July – Foodie Adventures await

FRIDAY: Momma’s got plans

Q: What’s on your menu this week? Any MUST try 4th of July recipes?

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