Welcome and Thank You

Good Morning, I wanted to thank all of my new visitors for checking-out the blog. I hope you liked what you have found and that you will keep coming back. The chef and I have a lot in store for you, and of course my own adventures while he is away, like today. So thank you for visiting and making my Google Analytics numbers skyrocket last night. Today on the menu – eating out and trying a new restaurnat – Red, the Steakhouse. In the mean time, I will be snacking on the goodies that chef prepared last night. As always, I had my green (purple) monster this morning and for lunch – buritto with pulled chicken, black beans and corn salsa with home made tomato sauce. There will be a whole new post on this, so check-in with the faux foodie girl later tonight.Have a great day everyone and thank you for coming…loved seeing you all visit the blog….

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