Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring! My favorite season of them all…unfortunately we don’t have the real spring in Miami, but we have our version of spring. Our version of spring includes temperatures in high 70s or low 80s, breeze, no humidity, laying by the pool, taking evening walks and enjoying wine in the back yard. It’s absolutely my favorite time in Miami. So instead of crying and whining that Miami spring is almost over,  I’ve decided it’s good time to celebrate it!
In spirit of celebrating calendar’s first day of spring, the chef made a “spring has sprung green” dinner. 
 The chef made penne pasta with pesto, peas and shrimp with shaved parmesan. I love shaved parmesan.  After dinner, I proceeded to eat plain shaved parmesan. Absolutely delicious.
The green color always makes me feel better about my food choices – green means healthy, right? I also celebrated with a glass of Ca’Bolani Sauvignon Blanc. I always associate lazy summer nights with this wine.
Q: How did you celebrate first day of spring?


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