What I want NOW

It’s been awhile since I wrote “What I Want NOW” post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted things…it’s just that I haven’t thought about putting it up here…oh well, that ends NOW, and with that, here is what I want NOW.

Yup, you are seeing that right. I really want Bodum Black Electric Indoor Grill and Griddle. You know I don’t do much cooking, well almost no cooking, but I think if I had one of these cooking would be so easy and fun. I am convinced if I had one, I would definitely be making more dinners, or lunches or breakfasts. Such a multipurpose electric tabletop grill – yes, I definitely need to have one.

This has nothing to do with cooking, nor would I keep food there, but I would love to have one on my bookshelf and using it as decor – maybe keeping some shells. If you wanted to know, the official name of this little “decor” item is Glass Cloch

Last but not least, this book. It’s no secret I am a fan of Michelle Obama, her style, her smarts and her White House agenda. I like that she identifies herself as a mom first, and everything else second and that the health of her children and children of the America is what’s important to her. I think I am really curious about learning how she started the garden, what worked, and what didn’t and of course, the insight into the White House life.

Q: What do you want NOW?

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