What I want NOW

I always want something (that is an obvious statement). But my latest wants (not necessarily needs) are kitchen small ware – stainless steal. I know, I know you are probably saying, didn’t she just say that she doesn’t cook – yes it’s true, but hubbs and I have been talking…he is great at cooking and enjoys it, but doesn’t like baking, so I volunteered to take on baking. Sure, I can do it…right, a little bit of mixing and then pop it in the oven and than cool off and it’s ready to eat, well I have learned it’s a little bit more than that so I want to make sure I have all the proper equipment needed to be a good baker. I am trying to persuade hubbs that this is what I want NOW –> Do you think hubbs will get the message if I keep posting everything I want?Looking to buy one – BUY NOW

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