When chef is out of town

As you may already know, I have a lifetime personal chef aka husband who cooks, aren’t I lucky 🙂 He is not a trained chef, but he will tell you, out of necessity he has learned how to cook and he cooks well, really well. His daytime job has him traveling a lot, and sometimes he makes dinners for me ahead and all I have to do is heat them up, and sometimes I am left all alone to figure out what to have for dinner. And on nights when it’s up to me, there is only one answer – The Fresh Market. So tonight, the chef is out of town, and I went to Fresh Market close to my house and got myself crispy, fresh artisan french baguette, curry chicken, sweet red petite peppers and mild Gouda cheese. I couldn’t wait to get home, light the citronella candles in my back yard and break the bread (BTW, I hate when people cut baguettes), cut cheese in long stringy pieces and eat curry chicken from the FM plastic container. To top it all off with a glass of wine…let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest day at work, I was my boss’ target, so this was the perfect evening I scheduled for me, myself and I. I could smell summer evening while having dinner in my back yard. But to get back to the Fresh Market…from the moment you enter the store, the feeling of freshness comes all over you. Everything about the store says come in friends, we are here to serve you with the freshest products. I am not sure what I like more buying the products or just browsing around and seeing the delicious food, prim and proper shelving that gives the feeling of an outdoor market, but the secret of all the delicious food is really not in the food but presentation and packaging. Yes, I said it – I pay $5 more for the same tasting product just because of the packaging, staff that greets me at the door and the butcher that knows my name and knows that I have no idea what I am buying but is always happy to help me…there, the truth is out. I am really not bothered by the fact that I pay more for the same item, because it is totally worth it…it gives me that summer feeling in my back yard. The Fresh Market will always be my second kitchen, because I know that the FM chef will have a delicious dinner ready for me when my personal chef is out of town. Thank you Fresh Market, you are a great dinner choice, but my personal chef is still my choice number one:) what can I say, it’s the lifetime commitment.


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