When Chef is out of town

Ah, like Mother, like Daughter!
Tonight I stepped away for a second into the kitchen and when I came back, I found Kiki on the floor, doing this….

You have to appreciate her love of cookbooks…it must be in our blood:)
In the other news, the moment chef announces that he is leaving town, I cringe… What in a world am I going to do for dinner????? That’s first thought that goes through my mind. The second thought, oh I will miss him! Priorities!
We all know I don’t do well around the kitchen. I know my path to the refrigerator and that’s about it, anything past that, well let’s just say there is not much chemistry happening. Unless it has to do with this little box.
I found a way to really prettify it and make it my version of gourmet “homemade” pizza. 

I added two eggs, baked for 13 minutes on 425F
let it cooled off for a minute or two and than added some arugulatime to enjoy
the pizza, glass of wine and “Bethenny Ever After” (I am totally obsessed).
P.S. My big nice camera’s battery died so all photos tonight were taken with my iPhone!

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