Wordless Wednesday: Book Lover

I am not sure I could ever have a wordless post, but since today is a Wordless Wednesday, I will let the pictures tell the story, with little bit of my help 😉

I am beyond thrilled of Kiki’s love for books. Like momma, like daughter. She has tons of toys (way too many for my liking, but…) and she always chooses a book over a toy. She loves reading. She loves flipping pages, sometimes from the front, sometimes from the back, but she is always reading. I hope she never stops. I hope her “hunger” (yup, sometimes she eats the corners of her books) never disappears. She loves her books so much that now she has her own bookshelf in the living room, a  toy chest that is full of books, bookshelves in her room, books in her diaper bag, books for the car ride, books everywhere, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope you had a great Wordless Wednesday!

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