You Win Some, You Loose Some

Wow, what an incredible weekend this was. I had an EPIC win, an EPIC loss, and many EPIC moments in between. I shared delicious meals with good friends, won a silver medal in a 5K in my age group, gifted myself with only things a girl could appreciate – new clothes, a great haircut, lost a battle in a kitchen and most of all relaxed.The weekend started off with a visit to Paulo. That man does magic with my hair…I feel like a new person every time I leave the salon. I could only wish when I move that I can take Paulo with me. A girl could dream. So not only do I have an incredible hairstylist, but amazing friends. They all knew chef was out of town, and made sure I had a hot meal every day.It all started on Friday night with a Shabbat dinner at Jen’s – sorry no pictures. I love Shabbat dinners – sharing a meal with those that you love, honoring the tradition and religion, absolutely beautiful. The curiosity of course always gets the better of me and I had 1 million questions about Shabbat….I will learn one day, I promise.Next on the weekend schedule was an Earth Day 5K at the Snyder Park. I invited Ina to come along since we haven’t seen each other in a long time and we needed to catch up on a lot of things…boys, dogs, anniversaries and more. I almost called her before the race to ask her to skip the race and just meet for breakfast, but commitment is a commitment so I sticked to it and boy am I glad I did. By some miracle, I won second place – SILVER MEDAL – in my age group. Sure there were only handful of us in this age group, but silver medal is still a silver medal. I was in an absolute shock when they announced winners. By the way, I am carrying my medal in my purse today… I touch it every once in awhile just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Since the race was in honor of the Earth Day, there were a lot of “Green” companies showcasing great innovative products and different charities, among many was the South Plantation High Animal Science and Horticulture Program showcasing all of their “pets”: Baby Goat (the actual name for a 3 week old goat), snakes, possums, lizards and some other creatures. Obviously I felt in love with the Baby Goat. I have about 20+ pictures of this little goat. He was quite shy and wasn’t a fan of my camera in his face, but I managed to get some good shots. There were many different ECO/GREEN/SUSTAINABLE vendors and my favorite was the Fetch Branding marketing company promoting “GREEN” messaging with a slogan “I am NOT thrasy”…. so cool….wish I was that clever to come up with stuff like that… Following the EPIC win, we headed to the beach to grab some breakfast at the Cafe del Mar. We celebrated with some mimosas, french toast, omelet, and as always a good chat. My omelet was tasty, and filling, but the best thing about it was flaky, warm and buttery croissant. I don’t think I know how to control myself around croissants, one is just never enough.Let’s fast forward to Saturday evening…My colleague/friend Margaret just recently had her kitchen renovated, so she invited her friend Liz and me for the famous Cullen lamb. Delicious, delicious, delicious…if I remember correctly it was a Mario Batalli recipe. Lamb was roasted in prune and olive glaze and she served it with peas, mash potatoes and a refreshing salad. The dinner was great. Kudos to Margaret for preparing such a satisfying meal. I was in charge of bringing wine and dessert….my friends know me well. You can’t really make a mistake, right?!?! WRONG…..EPIC, epic fail. I asked a friend what I should take and he suggested “white chocolate pound cake bread pudding”. Sounds delicious, but problem number one – the title of the dessert alone has one too many ingredients for the fauxfoodie girl. My first thought was “It ain’t hapening….I don’t even know what a pound cake is?”. Perhaps it is simple, but I was not going to attempt it. So I headed to Sur la Table and bought chocolate baskets with intentions of making vanilla pudding and placing some fresh berries and kiwis on top. As you can see, it looks delicious, but it tasted AWFUL. While making vanilla pudding, I forgot to add sugar to it. OK, go ahead, have a good laugh. I have seen my mom make a pudding a thousand times, I just somehow missed the part when she adds sugar to it…. I also didn’t cool off the pudding enough so it kept melting the chocolate baskets. Needless to say, the intended dessert did not work out at all. So right before the dinner I headed to the Fresh Market and bought an assortment of desserts and some delicious shiraz (also my friends suggestion and that I could do). So lesson for the next time, just go ahead and buy a desert, it’s OK. No one will know the difference after drinking couple of glasses of a delicious Shiraz. So, the EPIC weekend is now behind me and I am getting ready for a really cool week of eating my way through Montreal. See ya from Canada, eh….

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  • Jen Diaz, Esq.
    April 26, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    Aww! Love having you over for Shabbat! =) Your questions are always welcome. =)


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