Hi there! Thank you for visiting “Life With Flavors”…

Life With Flavors is a lifestyle website for the modern woman (who loves a whole lot of sparkle). The site is a mash-up of everything and anything I fall in love with, from gorgeous clothes to impractical shoes, home design, 5-ingredients recipes, bookshelves full of my favorite books, my sweet little family, crystals and so much more.

I am definitely a Type-A person, wear entirely too much black, lover of books, collector of cookbooks and anything that sparkles, addicted to cafe lattes, fancy home decor magazines, baby kisses and giggles.

This blog started as a way of documenting my love for food, but as my life is ever changing, this blog is too. I hope to give you a peak into my life along with my thoughts on foodie life, things I want NOW and all the other lovely adventures. I am excited to share the chaos that I call my life.

Stick around, it will be an interesting ride.