“What’s for dinner?” how often do you hear that either from your child, your significant other, your friend… Someone is always asking “what’s for dinner”? and they are always looking to you to give them that answer. The first thing Kiki asked me today when I picked her up from day care was “what are […]

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** UPDATE ** I had a beautiful intro written about my cooking skills, my new passion, my convictions…and well somehow it all disappeared and I can’t seem to recall a word of what I wrote, so now all you will get are these photos and recipe.  **** **** **** **** On Monday night I turned […]

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One of my dreams while I was pregnant was that one day I will be able to share my love for baking with Kiki. And today we baked together for the first time. I wish I had a way with my camera to capture it, but I will certainly remember it forever. It was also […]

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