Happy birthday my dearest! I am not able to put into words how much I love you. You’ve had my whole heart from the moment I laid my eyes on you. You are the face that launched a thousand sleepless nights. You are a thinker, posing intricate questions, and remembering small details. I am so grateful and honored to be your mom. I think you are the most incredible seven-year-old I have ever met.

Today You Are Seven

Today You Are Seven

You make me laugh with your wittiness, and you make me feel like I’m talking to a friend whenever we just start talking about random stuff. You’re very independent, and you have a very generous nature.  I live for you kind heart, gentle soul and for you always choosing you even when it’s not easy.

Today You Are 7

I hope that this birthday is seven times more exciting and seven times more unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to dream bigger and to make that dream come true. Take more chances and get ready to be rewarded richly! Your future is bright and beautiful, my sweet doll.

I love you so much! Happy 7th birthday!


Last three weeks have been pure magic. I am running on adrenaline, sugar highs, copious amounts of coffee and rosé. Both Kiki and I celebrated our birthdays and Mother’s Day over and over, and if it was up to us, we would both continue with celebrations. I guess an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

One of my biggest fears when I became a single mom is how does one celebrate occasions like Mother’s Day without feelings of loss, emptiness, awkwardness, sadness, and anger… I was worried not so much for me, but for Kiki and how she would feel with a surmounting pressure to do something special for her mom without anyone’s help. There is this expectation and facade that somehow every mother should be waited on hand and foot and taken to an amazing brunch, gifted lavish gifts and flower arrangements. Mother’s Day has a way of making single moms feel quite alone, kind of like Valentine’s Day can remind single people how single they are.

Happy Mother's Day

No one teaches you how to be a single mom and how to celebrate these holidays, but somehow I was given a set of fairy godmothers and a thoughtful ex who made sure I felt loved, cherished and celebrated. I am thankful that my daughter is growing up surrounded by positive role models of strong, fearless, kind, thoughtful, loving women and a father, who shows respect and thoughtfulness to her mom despite our divorce.

Single Mom Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, Kiki and I were in NYC [Kiki’s only birthday wish] with two of my best friends whom I call my fairy godmothers and on Sunday morning I woke up to my favorite Starbucks breakfast in bed with a pink flower and a card.  All the while there was a beautifully decorated Mother’s Day cake waiting for me at home. Kiki’s dad arranged for Kiki to decorate a cake at school along with multitude of cards with  scribbles “I love you mama! You’re the best mama ever!”  The thoughtfulness of these gifts – the planning and the effort and the surprise – moved me to tears and somehow made for a difficult day to be truly a day of love and cherishment. The best part – how excited Kiki was to do all these things for me with a little help of her fairy godmothers! The glimmer of happiness in her eyes was the best gift a mother could receive on Mother’s Day!Mother's Day in Bed

 When they say “it takes a village”…it truly does, because I don’t know how I would navigate this crazy life of single motherhood without my village.

To all the single parents out there, know that you are always loved and cherished by the little people that made us parents and my only hope for each and everyone one of you is to have your village!


“On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of golden starlight in your eyes of blue!” – the carpenters

Today You Are Six

 I can’t believe it has been six years since you came into my life. Another year has come and gone and it’s as though I’ve blinked and you’re officially a little girl.

I had no idea how much my life would change…and how much you would change me.  Your cheery little face brightens every single day and my heart melts every time you tell me, “Mama, you are my bestie!” You have taught me patience in a way no one and nothing else could.  You have also tried my patience and you are doing it tremendously well.


These days we live in a world of Disney Princesses and I hope your love of fairytales and daydreams never ends.  You are the sweetest mini adult I know and as much as people always tell me what a great mom I am, it’s you who makes me look good. You are compassionate, caring, kind, thoughtful, independent, sometimes shy, often very brave. Today you are soaking it all in all the time. Words, numbers, facts, figures – your brain wants to know it all and it’s processing it very quickly. You read well beyond your years, math and numbers come easy to you – as you say “It’s so logical!”, and Legos, age number on the box is no obstacle for you. You sound like an adult when you carry a conversation and everything is up for negotiations!

Today you are all about hugs, kisses, I love you’s and a peace sign. Anything that brings a smile to someone else’s heart. You see the happy in the sad, the light in the dark and the sun through the clouds.

Today my favorite time of the day is when we lay down to read before bed and we have our little daily recap conversations, obligatory Snapchat filters, nose kisses and millions of hugs.  For those few minutes you are all mine and I am all yours.  Secretly I hope we never outgrow that moment. You make me want to be the best kind of a woman, mom, friend I can be. You make me better than I am, and for that little one, I am forever grateful.

Birthday Girl

 In your usual happy and excited self, you’ve been telling anyone and everyone that your birthday is coming up and you can’t wait to celebrate because you’re going to NY. You don’t want a party, you don’t want gifts, all you want is an airplane trip with your mama and unlimited time at the American Girl store. And that’s exactly what we will do, because for you, I would take you to the moon if it meant to see your eyes light up of happiness.

Today my darling, you are six. Wishing you a very happy birthday, love you to the moon and back infinite times, xoxo Mama