Happy Friday! It’s such a gratifying feeling to head into a weekend after having a super-productive week. Looking forward to connecting with some friends, packing up the house, a nice long bike ride [yup I am exploring South Florida’s bike trails], catching some sunshine and diving into a new book that just got delivered to my […]

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Happy Friday! The only thing better than Friday is the long weekend holiday Friday. I am so ready to kick off my heels and relax….I’ve tried really hard not to make any plans for the weekend but just soak in some time with Kiki, well all I can say – I’m not good at that. […]

Remember how my last weekend was all about ME, well this weekend was not, but it was fulfilling, enriching, exhausting, and fun. I never knew I could love someone so much. This little person has completely turned my life upside-down and thought me [and still teaches me] the most important life lesson – selflessness.  “Being […]

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