“What’s for dinner?” how often do you hear that either from your child, your significant other, your friend… Someone is always asking “what’s for dinner”? and they are always looking to you to give them that answer. The first thing Kiki asked me today when I picked her up from day care was “what are […]

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I’ve been dreaming of ROK:BRGR burgers since last time I was there [which now seems like long long long time ago], so tonight’s dinner was completely inspired by the wants and desires of having a burger. I could have used one of their signature cocktails too, after a day I have had, but I opted to […]

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Hello and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, I sure did. This weekend I learned that rules are meant to be broken. So that’s what I did – I broke a few rules and learned that I liked it….and now back to regular programing. — I bought a Dutch oven and I love […]

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Believe it or not, but I always look forward to meatless mondays. I don’t think I can go completely vegetarian, but one day a week, it’s easy peasy – anyone can do it. Meatless Mondays are easy – they are a simple and effective way to help animals, go green and become healthier. And who […]

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