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Apr 10, 2015

Let's Chat

Happy Friday! It’s such a gratifying feeling to head into a weekend after having a super-productive week. Looking forward to connecting with some friends, packing up the house, a nice long bike ride [yup I am exploring South Florida’s bike trails], catching some sunshine and diving into a new book that just got delivered to my doorstep [got to love those amazon delivery notifications].

As per usual there are lots of random things that have crossed my mind, so let’s get right to it, shall we??!

1. Kiki and I are amping up our veggies consumption…our latest obsession – cauliflower. Have you made a pizza with Cauliflower crust yet? It’s on the menu for this weekend.

2. I have passed on the love of cookbooks to Kiki…and since her birthday is just around the corner, it’s only fair that I get her some of these. It’s a beautiful collection for every little girl, and boy!

3. Our Trader Joe’s has the best deals on organic avocado, and I can’t get enough of them…I will be trying some new ways to enjoy them this weekend [I’ve got 8 of them total ripe right now]

4.  I love coffee shops – all the creativity, hustle and bustle, it’s pure energy…I wish I could work out of one all the time, alas…20 reasons creative people like working at a coffee shop

5. Only appropriate since our move is just around the corner – I am all about these hacks!

6. Spring cleaning, purging, eliminating, organizing, minimizing [in all aspects of my life] – it’s on my mind all the time these days – reading these habits definitely puts some things in perspective.

6. There’s no denying it, I am 100% connected…phone, iPad, computer, apps, you name it…some might even say I have a problem [I know I am not the only one, but I can admit it ….] but not sure that I am brave enough to try this app…are you?

7. Shoes: my love of shoes is never ending… I like comfortable shoes, BUT I love a good looking shoe, but these days I have a thing going on with flats.

8. and last but not least, I will be planning a house warming party and a birthday party next month…what a perfect timing….how to order alcohol online for your next party!

So let’s get this party started, or at least let’s get this weekend started!
What are you up to this weekend?

Have an amazing weekend!


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