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Taking my worries away… DeliverLEAN

Jan 23, 2021

Things really do happen for a reason…Here is the proof of this theory – May was going to be absolutely insane – mostly spent on the road, eating in hotels, airports, and indulging in all birthday foods… and just like that one morning I woke up to an email from “Deliver LEAN” PR team asking me if I wanted to try their food delivery service.

I immediately jumped on-line to learn more about the “Deliver LEAN” and I was supper excited to see that they are local (Boca Raton) healthy food delivery service – their food is all about fresh, healthy, portion-controlled meals delivered directly to your door. Exactly what I need in the month of May for the 9 days that I will be spending at home with very little time to do any meal planning, grocery shopping or cooking. And we all know to achieve good nutritional intake, it takes time to research, create menus, shop, prepare and cook, and time was no friend. And DeliverLEAN does it all for you.

DeliverLEAN was established in 2011 by a group of foodies who believe that healthy meals do not have to equal tasteless and boring food (don’t I always say that;)). The meals are packed with lean proteins, fresh veggies and carbs that are nutritious and satisfying.

So here is how “Deliver LEAN” works – closest I can describe it, is like waking up on Christmas morning to a big bag full of goodies, in this case a cooler packed with fresh and healthy food. They have several different options depending on what meal plan you follow (I received a mixture of paleo, traditional, gluten free and vegetarian), and the weekly menu is pre set, but Deliver LEAN does allow for personalization by excluding 3 ingredients you dislike.

My first delivery came in on May 1st at 5:30am – and it included 2 breakfast, 1 dessert chef’s choice, 2 Paleo lunch/dinner options, 2 vegetarian salads and 2 traditional meals.

My favorite were definitely breakfast options: protein pancakes and egg white breakfast burrito with spinach, peppers and swiss cheese. Breakfast is usually my favorite meal of the day anyway, and having healthy and filling options available to me was absolutely perfect. I actually shared my breakfast with Kiki and the DeliverLEAN received a huge stamp of approval from the toddler. And we all know that she is all about rich flavor and texture.

Probably my second favorite choice were salads/side dishes – exactly my kind of food choice. Yummy moroccan chickpea and carrot salad with beef kebab…I actually shared the side dish with my coworker and she couldn’t stop raving about it!

I must say all the meals from DeliverLEAN were very good, flavorful, satisfying and filling. The portion sizes at first looked small, but in reality they were exactly right. I was never hungry, and happy that I was eating such great healthy meals. Food quality was excellent! Since I am not on any specific diet, I did alter a few meals by adding spinach to three bean salad or adding an avocado to a quinoa salad, etc.

So let’s talk packaging and delivery. I was seriously impressed. The cooler was delivered in the whee hours of the morning, packed to the brim with two days worth of food delivery with tons of ice-packs and a list of everything that is included in a delivery. Best of all, each meal came in a plastic container which can be directly placed into a microwave to heat up. On the top of each container, there was a sticker with a name and type of the meal (paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, traditional) and details of calories, carbs, and protein. So if you are looking to lose weight, or watching your food intake and balance, this is perfect.

One of the best benefits of the DeliverLEAN that this service takes all the worries away. No need to think about what recipe to make, what ingredients to buy, ensuring the balanced diet and most importantly finding time to do it. Our days are busy already and DeliverLEAN takes that worry away. 


888-730-LEAN (5326) | info@DeliverLean.com | www.DeliverLean.com

And don’t think I don’t have something for you: 2 Days Free with the purchase of a 1 month plan ($7.95 per meal, 3 meal minimum per day), just follow this link to redeem the offer.

                         Disclaimer: A review item was received in order to conduct an honest review, however all opinions are my own. 




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