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New Blog Name, New City, & A Better Version of Me

Jul 28, 2019

New Blog Name

Today has been a long time coming. The last time I updated this blog was back in 2008 (can you believe I started in 2006???), which in blogging time might as well be a century ago.  At the time, I was just writing the weekly menu, recipes and foodie events around the town. I was also figuring out food photography (which is still an ongoing process), social media barely existed, and I had no idea the world I was about to enter…motherhood, divorce, singlehood, etc…

Fast forward to today and that girl back from those days has grown up. She’s evolved, pushed, clawed, and swam through giant swells only to come out on the other side armed and ready for more. I didn’t know it, but for over the past few years, I have been setting the stage. Figuring out what I do and don’t like through more trial and error than I care to admit. But it was in those moments when FauxFoodieGirl came to life and really became “Life With Flavors”. 

I am so excited to launch this today and it just happens to coincide with the other news (more about our move to Aspen coming soon), and hope the new site will be much easier to use and navigate!  I’m still working on cleaning up, organizing and optimizing so bear with me through some bumps. But slow and steady wins the race!

So, with a new blog makeover, I want to re-introduce you to me and what Life With Flavors is all about and why the name change. What you’ll find here going forward is deep, emotional, drool-worthy, curiosity-inspired photography, recipes, life with Kiki, our new life in Aspen, the addition of Mr. Aspen to our dynamic duo, ever growing list of books I am trying to read, dreamy travel bucket list and life’s daily ponderings. 

One thing that will not change, the food… I am head over heels in love with food. My soul is happiest when I am day-dreaming about the latest gnocchi recipe or ways to introduce pizza in a fun, but delicious way. The hours pass so quickly when I am frolicking in a land of poptarts and juicy burgers with the occasional appearance of rabbit food. Life’s about balance, right?

I want your experience here to be adventurous and playful. Life With Flavors is a place where you can get lost in imagination and where no thought or feeling is off limits. I want to spark curiosity and make you feel inspired. Curiosity is my best friend and let me tell you, she’s never let me down.

With that, this new makeover is also about simplicity. I want Life With Flavors to be a place that’s easy to navigate so you can spend more time daydreaming, feeding your curious soul, playing around, and getting inspired in every aspect of your life. I appreciate your patience with me popping in and out and my limited posting.  With this big project behind me, I can finally get back to sharing our everyday adventures! First stop…how to pack your life so it fits into a 26 foot truck! Any and all advice welcomed! Stay tuned!


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