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Let’s Chat – “Interesting” Reads

Jul 10, 2015

Let's Chat - "Interesting" Reads

Hip, Hip Hooray, it’s Friday!  Another crazy week behind us.  But I’m starting to wonder if maybe crazy weeks are just becoming our norm? I always look forward to things slowing down in summer, but for some reason this summer has been full speed onward…perhaps it’s my inability to say “NO”. Maybe my summer task should be learning to say no, slowing down, recharging and renewing.  Earlier this week I made a commitment to go to sleep at a reasonable hour one night a week [regardless of all the things that needed attention!] and it was blissful. Definitely improved my day. Tuesday: you’re now my “prioritize sleep” night. Let’s see how long I can make this last(!). But I have faith!

And on those sleepless nights I scoured the net and now sharing some of the more “interesting” reads! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

1. How to focus, even when summertime distractions strike.

2. Wonder how our days would change if we started every morning with these 10 things? my favorite “SMILE”!

3. In search of perfection…you should watch this!

4. I want to meditate, I really do! Maybe this is the secret?

5. This makes me want to vacation in Morocco this summer.

6. Hope this makes you feel really good, working mom…

7. As a chronic over-apologizer, I really enjoyed this essay.  But now, let’s stop apologizing so much, shall we!

8. I am doing something new…I’ve decided to make Sundays my most productive night of the week.

9. Pure genius – Watermelon ice cubes…why have I never thought of this?

10. 10 Foodies who’ve made it happen on Instagram….Are you following?

11. My hero Ina shares her tips on how to run a business and do what you love. Oh, Barefoot Contessa, you can do no wrong!!! and have I mention how much I’d love to attend the Forbes Women’s Summit?!! one day…

..have you read something lately that caught your attention?…Share your weekly reads in comments!


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