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Let’s Chat – Our Summer Days

Aug 14, 2015

Let's Chat - Our Summer Days

Happy Friday! This summer is sailing along and it’s hard to believe that September is around the corner! We’ve been in a full summer swing…. Our summer days have been filling themselves up at a rapid pace, which means we are having a lot of fun and definitely making the most of our time together. I, for one, want to savor every minute of it. Kiki is a great little traveler and she loves “adventures”! We’ve done a fair share of traveling, backyard adventures, but there are a few more things left on our summer fun list.

This week I am finally home, off the plane, out of the airports and back to the office business and spending tons of time with Kiki.  We’ve been spending most of our time at the pool. This has been a breakthrough summer for Kiki and her swimming…she has become my little mermaid, no fear, no tears, just a lot of blue lips! This weekend will be very different for me because I am home for the first time in a very long time and Kiki is with her dad, so my list of things to-do and getting our home life in order is my priority…and strangely, I am looking forward it!

Here’s what caught my attention this week…

Fulfilling my wanderlust!
I can not wait to see this movie…Bradley Cooper, cooking, sizzle, and all that heat!
Who would you like to have dinner with from this list of culinary celebrities?
What 30 well-known healthy people eat for breakfast every morning?
I am LOVING this memoir/cookbook from this family of food bloggers. I am totally obsessed with their gifted writing, storytelling and honesty of their rocky road.
How to create magazine worthy photos with your iPhone.
Yes, it takes a village to “have it all” – how do we achieve balance?!!
Tips on how to prioritize your to do list for the day.

No wonder I am so tired…I am doing too much multi-tasking. Four ways to retrain your brain when consumed with information overload.

Falling asleep might not be my problem, but staying asleep is a struggle.

How to raise caring kids.

I am not gonna lie, I am thinking of my next one

What are you up to this weekend?
Whatever you end up doing, hope it’s a great one!!!!


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