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Today you are FIVE! Happy fifth birthday my dear Kiki!

May 6, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday

Dear Kiki!

Today you are five.

Five seems like a whole new world to you and me. Five seems like
everything today. It’s officially the end of toddlerhood. Today you are the big

Your vocabulary is incredibly impressive and you love using big words. You are confident and brave. I believe those things are going to work in your favor.

Today you know your alphabet and learning to read, but you want to take
it slowly…and you love writing!

Today you are funny. Witty. Silly. A comedian at the kitchen table.

Today you are smart. And kind.

Today and every day you teach me so much about me, most of all patience
and understanding.

You ask a lot of questions, a lot…. But your curiosity is infectious!
I am constantly trying to remind myself how important it is to take time with
you to help you understand the world around you.

I am trying to bottle up all my favorite things about you at this age,
but they are all my favorite! I am loving your change from a toddler to a big
kid, where one day you act all grown up and leave me thinking “where did
she learn that?” and then the next, you are my stubborn, wild, silly
little girl who is constantly testing me.

I love finding out the person you are becoming.

Today you are five, and today, that means everything to you!

It’s been five wonderful years with you in my life and I am so honored
to be your mama!

Happy birthday my dearest Kiki!!!
Love always, your mama!

Happy Fifth Birthday


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