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My Little Graduate VPK

Jun 9, 2016

Today was a big day in our house…Kiki graduated VPK! and it was awesome! This is sort of crazy, I must admit, but only a beginning for us, and many more graduation ceremonies to come. Kiki has been excited for this day for a few weeks now and she said it was her favorite day…she was all smiles and giggles!
Kiki graduated VPK Graduated VPK
This graduation was a serious thing…the kids wore caps and gowns, the whole nine yards. I always thought that was kind of silly but after seeing them all dressed up, there’s really nothing cuter then 5-year-olds in caps and gowns.
My Little Kiki Graduated
It’s hard for me to believe this sweet little thing was 1.5 years old baby when she started school and is now off to Kindergarten! She amazes me daily with the things she says and the way she rationalizes things, seriously just a fountain of random knowledge. She seems so young but at the same time she is such a little adult.
This Preschool graduation  
This year has been the best one yet…I have no complaints except that it simply went by too fast. Next year we are headed to a new and much bigger school.  I am looking forward to the next chapter in our adventure! She is super ready and excited for the “Big School”.

Doesn’t she look very scholarly??




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