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Wednesday Wants – Little Thing That Make Me Happy

Oct 12, 2016

I want, I want, I want…I am starting to sound like a five-year-old that I know….

But I think we can assume where she gets that from…but I digress.. there are a few things that I want, some small, some big, some sweet, some shinny, but most of all things that make me happy. I am going through some major house (read: life) clean up, and applying the “does this item bring me joy” technique and all I can say that donation bags are pilling up… but I still want some things that bring me joy… As they say, it’s the little things!

Wednesday Wants
1. Turkish Towel – ever since I got back from Istanbul last year, I’ve been obsessing over these. And this one is perfect for Florida winters and cozying up on the couch.
2. Did someone say bubbly?? A hint of champagne in my chapstick, now that’s what I call joy!
3. I already think of coffee as pure magic, and coffee savored from this glittery cup is total bliss!
4. Since I’ve been traveling often for work, comfort in my shoes and clothing has become a priority, but I still like a dash of chic to it all…these shoes are IT for the season.
5. This is joy in simplicity…I know I don’t need more things, but this little planter on my desk is could be my zen place!

What are the little things that bring you JOY?




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