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Weekend Notes

Dec 13, 2016

Happy Monday! New week, fresh start – I took advantage this weekend to somewhat hybernate. It was all about R&R and gluttony. And it was wonderful.

Don’t laugh now, but winter has arrived to Florida! Or at least temperatures below 70F. On Saturday morning I woke up to temperatures in the high 60s, immediately opened every single window in my house, made a cup of coffee, and tried to make that big decision – which sweater I wanted to wear first! As I was getting dressed up I contemplated wearing my faux fur vest, but I started to laugh at myself, and put it right back on the hanger.  I did ended up with a sweater and booties and I was in heaven!

starbucks holiday cup

As a faithful fan of Mojo donuts, it was hard for me to believe there is anything better…but after a year of hearing only glowing reviews about the Salty Donuts, I finally found myself in Wynwood on Saturday morning and  indulged not in one, but three of their donuts, thankfully I shopped for the rest of the afternoon. The Salty Donut is an artisanal donut shop, focused on chef-made, small-batch craft donuts using some incredible ingredients and making them taste totally homemade. These were the fluffiest, lightest, freshest, tastiest donuts I’ve ever had. The Nutella donut as you could expect was my favorite… The group favorite was the maple bacon, made with maple glaze, Miami smokers bacon ‘cracklings,’ and JWakefield Porter redux.  If you decide to go, I would suggest go there early in the AM, they might run out of your favorite! Oh, and I am totally in love with their logo! So on brand!

salty donut

The rest of the weekend  was all about the R&R…I caught up on my DVR shows, I am completely obsessed with “This Is Us” and Barefoot Contessa, a lot of sleep, and and a lot of closet cleaning and organizing…Kiki was at her dad’s this weekend which gave me an opportunity to get organized and get ready for a bit of a frenzy of the week that’s coming…Most importantly I prepared our weekly menu, and with that alone, I felt ready! and you know how I feel about the meal prep….So here is what we are having this week:

weekly menu

Sunday: Shaved brussel sprouts salad

Monday: Beets, pistachio and goat cheese salas

Tuesday: Work Dinner

Wednesday: Slow cooker cheesy tortellini

Thursday: Work Holiday Dinner

Friday: Kids’ dinner @ Noemi’s

How was your weekend?


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