Today was a big day in our house…Kiki graduated VPK! and it was awesome! This is sort of crazy, I must admit, but only a beginning for us, and many more graduation ceremonies to come. Kiki has been excited for this day for a few weeks now and she said it was her favorite day…she […]

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A few nights ago I had a dream…about pasta, more specifically about gnocchi! I have always been fascinated by gnocchi…it’s almost like a love affair…soft, delicate, pillowy, flavorful little Italian dumplings made from flour and/or potato. They seem so simple, and yet so intimidating. I know I don’t feel comfortable making them from scratch and I […]

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Happy Friday! This summer is sailing along and it’s hard to believe that September is around the corner! We’ve been in a full summer swing…. Our summer days have been filling themselves up at a rapid pace, which means we are having a lot of fun and definitely making the most of our time together. I, for one, want […]

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