Last Thursday was the monthly gathering of my restaurant club – The Dinning Divas (four very different women with very different backgrounds, an attorney, an enterpreneur, trade commissioner and event planner, but have one thing in common – OK maybe more than one – love of FOOD). Only a day before, I chose the place […]

Argh – like I haven’t been spending enough money in Starbucks…I found the latest tastiest, most delicious morning treat (really I can eat it any time of the day) – Top Pot Chocolate Old Fashioned Doughnut Hello – what is wrong with me…I wouldn’t dare to buy it in Dunkin Doughnut, but somehow buying it […]

I am really bad, how is it possible that it’s been 6 months…OK, the update:1. The Restaurant Club has been renamed to “The Dining Divas”2. The club still meets on monthly basis3. I don’t have a clue where we should go tomorrow4. Picking the restaurant is stressing me out (but I don’t like others to […]

I have always been big on celebrating my birthdays, as a matter of fact, I have always celebrated my birthday month, why just limit myself to a day, when there is a whole month. And this year, it’s really a big and significant birthday that I am celebrating – 30th!!!!I am truly and honestly excited […]

Hubbs is out of town this whole week, which means I am on my own for dinner…I guess I never appreciate it what it means to have dinner ready every night, but for the first time in my life I actually missed home cooked meals. So this whole week I have survived on my version […]

It was another restaurant club (The Restaurant Divas) night last night and the evening took us to the S. Florida swamps, well not exactly but just about. For some reason I spearheaded the choosing of the restaurant and as part of our club’s rules, we alternate Miami-Dade and Broward County and last night was the […]

Aahhh, what I want NOW – Williams & Sonoma has the most amazing machine that I really want: Delonghi Gran Dama Espresso Maker A complete and utter perfection that leaves me totally speechless and that is really hard to do because I always have something to say. I think this “What I Want NOW” will […]

We just got back from our visit to Croatia. We attended an amazing wedding (congrats to Ivana & Kruno), met our niece for the first time and spent some good quality time with the family and usually that means home cooked meals, but with so little time this time, my mom did not cook one […]

I always want something (that is an obvious statement). But my latest wants (not necessarily needs) are kitchen small ware – stainless steal. I know, I know you are probably saying, didn’t she just say that she doesn’t cook – yes it’s true, but hubbs and I have been talking…he is great at cooking and […]

Tonight is the Restaurant Club night and we are meeting at Indochine Asian Bistro. I can’t even remeber how we picked this place, but it is on my Outlook, so it must be the right choice. I like to be prepared, in general, and same goes for going to restaurants. If I can, I will […]

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