I think I have made it very clear that I LOVE food (READ: eating and reading about it) but not the cooking part. So it turns out to be when I met my husband 11 years ago I also married a man who enjoys cooking and has gotten to be a really good cook. So […]

A very good friend of mine invited me and the hubbs to join her family for dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant – Sheba and my first thought was, I don’t know about this – Ethiopian food…what is to eat? what could the cuisine be like? is this even considered a cuisine, well let me tell […]

I have come here to join the masses of blogging and talk about my favorite topic – FOOD. I have always loved food, but lately I am getting a bit obsessive. I am embarking on something not so close to me – writing – so bare with me, as I will get better.I have recently […]

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